Rumbi Island Grill to Open 15 Outlets in Orange County

Rumbi Island Grill, a concept that describes itself as "tropical fast casual dining", is slated to open fifteen locations in Orange County in its push into California. About five or six are planned to be operational by 2009. No word on where the exact locations will be. Rumbi has existing stores in Colorado, Arizona, and Utah.

From their website, the focus isn't just Hawaiian island food, but stuff inspired by Bali and Jamaica -- anything that conjures up paradise in the minds of mainland Americans.

There's kalua pork, but also Jamaican jerk, and mahi-mahi seasoned with something called a "Volcano Spice Blend". Though the one item that got my attention was their "Kahuna Burger". One of my all time favorite movies is, of course, Pulp Fiction.


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