Ruben's Panaderia to Re-Open!

Faithful reader (and master chef at a golf club I can't quite remember right now!) Steve Reush wrote in yesterday with exciting news: Ruben's Panadería will reopen soon with new owners. The Fullerton institution served thousands of Mexican familias' pan dulce needs, baking crumbly conchas, snappy cochinitos (gingerbread cookies shaped like a piggie), sweet empanadas, and some of the best bolillos outside of France. "As one of the busiest panaderias in North O.C., the new patrons will have a goldmine if they run it correctly," says Reush. "Hopefully, they will make the Bolillo/Jalapeno/Cream Cheese bomb." The last bit referred to a Ruben's creation: a hollowed-out bolillo stuffed with the aforementioned ingredients that every panadería shamelessly pirated. Will write soon with a field report...


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