Gallo Chino 1.0
Gallo Chino 1.0

Rubalcava's Market Now Stocking "Gallo Chino"--Mexican-Style Sriracha Sauce!

A couple of weeks ago, Roland Rubalcava of Rubalcava's Bakery asked if he could meet me. I had him join me on one of my reviews, and he busted out two thimbles of Sriracha sauce. "Try them, and tell me what you think," he said.

"What is there to think about?" I responded. "It's Sriracha."

"Just try them," he shot back. And I did.

The first one was Sriracha, as was the second one--but the second one was spicier, smokier, better. "This is my take on Sriracha," he said. "Mexican-style."

WHOA. And Rubalcava is now featuring it at his Rubalcava's bakery--WHOA...

Rubalcava eventually plans to sell it under the brand Gallo Chino--Chinese Rooster--and have as a logo a Mexican fighting rooster with a sombrero, an homage to Huy Fong's iconic rooster. The recipe is nearly nailed--Rubalcava won't reveal it, but says he might make it a bit sweeter to mimic Sriracha's allure. But the garlic undertone is there, the thickness and consistency is there, and the heat is better suited for the Mexican palate without betraying Sriracha's roots.

Want a bottle? Go NOW, before Rubalcava's runs out.

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