Ronnie Arnold of K'ya Street Fare, Part One
Photo credit: Meg Strouse

Ronnie Arnold of K'ya Street Fare, Part One

Drive up Harbor Boulevard in the Anaheim Resort and you might think the only things to eat are pre-made burgers, dreadful pancakes and fancy-yet-still-corporate steak. You'd be missing something, though, because at the very top of the district, in the Hotel Ménage, lies K'ya Street Fare, a street-food North County outpost of the very popular Laguna Beach bistro.

Ronnie Arnold is the executive chef at K'ya and this week he's on the line with us.

OC Weekly: What are six words to describe your food?

Ronnie Arnold: Approachable, global, vibrant, fresh, comforting and flavorful.

OCW: What are ten words to describe you?

RA: Father, motivated, hard-working, witty, understanding, honest, inquisitive, easy-going, loyal and fun.

OCW: Your best recent food find:

RA: 99 Ranch Market.

OCW: What's the most undervalued ingredient?

RA: Salt.

OCW: What are the rules of conduct in your kitchens?

RA: Organization is the key to success.

OCW: One food you detest:

RA: Canned spinach.

OCW: One food you can't live without:

RA: Bean and cheese burritos.

OCW: What fast food is your least favorite?

RA: Frozen yogurt.

OCW: What's your best culinary tip for the home cook?

RA: Taste everything.

OCW: What's your after-work hangout?

RA: 24 Hour Fitness.

OCW: If you could cook for one person, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

RA: Salvador Dali, just imagine cooking in his Spanish seaside villa and the stories he would tell.

OCW: Who's your favorite celebrity chef?

RA: Gordon Ramsay.

OCW: Who's a celebrity chef you're tired of?

RA: Bobby Flay.


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