"Risotter" and Other Roadkill Recipes

In the interests of doing my bit to save the planet by recycling, I had to share this pure bit of British bonkersness with you.

It's a clip from a BBC show called "I've Never Seen Star Wars", in which comedian Marcus Brigstocke invites well-known guests to try new experiences, which they then grade.

In this case, comedian Hugh Dennis tucks into roadkill recipes, as prepared by the eccentric older guy on the left, who cooks and eats any dead animals he finds on the road, from otters to pheasants to bats, which, according to him, "taste like mice"--a useful frame of reference, I find.

Dennis gives the dishes, which include badger, otter and blackbird, a whopping nine out of ten.

I'm not sure what the local laws on roadkill are, but, until I happen upon a dead Wagyu cow at the side of the road, it's not something I'm going to worry about.


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