Rick Warren to Go on Diet With the Help of Dr. Mehmet Oz, Wacko Conservatives Go Crazy

I have my problems with Saddleback Church pastor Rick Warren and his Purpose-Driven® ways, but I always find it crazy when conservatives have issues with the man over what seems the most innocuous issues.

The latest controversy involves that most-American of desires: a diet. Last week, Warren announced he wanted to lose 90 pounds and had enlisted the help of, among others, Dr. Mehmet Oz, whom I hear is pretty famous. The pastor is now urging his flock to follow the Daniel Plan, which Warren vows will lead followers to a healthier lifestyle, combining Biblical precepts with the latest in science.

But Warren has angered more than a few conservatives because they view Oz as some sort of cultist. And now, those conservatives have enlisted the babble of the most batshit-loco "news" outlet around: WorldNetDaily.

This is the site most responsible for getting people to buy into the lie that President Barack Obama wasn't born in the United States, that sells tracts two pages removed from the loony bin. Over the weekend,

the site reported

that Warren was to host "'cult' celebrity docs" at Saddleback Church.

How are Oz and Warren's other partners cultists? Because they follow "Eastern religious meditation" and promote "mystical meditation based on Buddhist principles."

The sad thing is that WorldNetDaily's reach and influence is such that thousands will now believe an upstanding Christian (I'm not being sarcastic here) like Warren is now the Antichrist because he wants to lose a gut. Let him lose the flab in peace, fools!


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