Will Farrell's soon seel a Purpose-Driven Sundae?
Will Farrell's soon seel a Purpose-Driven Sundae?

Rick Warren Likes Farrell's--Does Farrell's Really Want that Endorsement?

Apparently, Farrell's Ice Cream Parlour was a pretty big deal in its day, but I wouldn't know--the only ice cream we could afford when I was a kiddie was Otter Pops. But some Orange Countians have been eagerly anticipating its return at the Shops of Mission Viejo, one being Saddleback Church pastor Rick Warren. He was at its opening, wanting to meet owner Bob Farrell because the first date Purpose-Driven® Rick ever went on with his wife was at a Farrell's in Riverside. There was a picture, of course, then the obligatory Facebook posting last night.

Big mistake!

Already, there are over 150 comments on the post, most of them outraged that Farrell would allow Warren in his shop. A couple of them:

"yeah, getting a hatemonger like Rick Warren for a store opening is a sure way to FAIL as a business. good luck with all that..."

"I'm glad there's a Farrell's again. But please don't use a creationist homophobe, who calls atheists and medical doctors "Nazis," to promote the restaurant."

"I have great memories of going to Farrell's as a child; the one on Tustin Avenue. We always had fun there. But using a homophobic, narrow-minded figure to promote the new place is a bad sign...I would think more than twice about going back if I risked being treated to Rick Warren's presence along with my banana split sundae. Farrell's - pay attention. This is not the way to promote family values."

Us? We weren't going whether or not Farrell's seeks Saddleback Church's faithful. Its only attributes seem to be guys dressed on flat hats and vests and disgustingly big sundaes.


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