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Renata's Caffe Italiano Offers a Roman Holiday
[Hole In the Wall] This Old Towne Orange eatery has great specials—but stay away from the regular food
, May 31, 2012
More than a decade ago, I had dinner at Renata's Caffe Italiano in Old Towne Orange while a student at Chapman University. I don't remember the... More >>
The Hidden Dinner Eat-Easys The Hidden Dinner Eat-Easys
[Summer Guide 2012] Anahita Naderi and her crew wows foodies monthly with a shroud of secrecy and great courses
, May 24, 2012
Hidden Dinner is perhaps best defined by its name: It's hidden, and it's a dinner. There is no set location or menu. Find a password that allows... More >>
Brasserie Pascal Bids a Foie Farewell Brasserie Pascal Bids a Foie Farewell
Get Pascal Olhats' legendary foie gras dinner (but skip the dessert) before it's banned
, May 24, 2012
I had my first real piece of foie gras as everyone usually does: at a French restaurant, seared and served with fruit to cut through the inherent... More >>
Ochoa's Chorizo With Amnesty Ochoa's Chorizo With Amnesty
[Hole In the Wall] This Santa Ana foodmaker hints at the potential of OC's cottage-food industry
, May 24, 2012
Every couple of weeks, I get an urge to try the best damn tamales in Southern California, moist, fluffy masa bricks wrapped in banana leaves,... More >>
Pho Bo Vang, Ann's Pho & Teriyaki and Maison de Pho and the Closing of the Pho Frontier Pho Bo Vang, Ann's Pho & Teriyaki and Maison de Pho and the Closing of the Pho Frontier
A pho proliferation in South OC bodes well for the assimilation of Vietnamese food
, May 17, 2012
If Little Saigon is to Vietnamese restaurants as LA's seminal Chinatown is to Chinese food, then Lake Forest might be OC's San Gabriel Valley.... More >>
Rubalcava's and the Rise of Primo-Mex
[Hole In the Wall] This Placentia meat market is launching an audacious experiment with Mexican food
, May 17, 2012
An interesting trend is rising in Orange County: the emergence of second-generation Mexican food entrepreneurs continuing their family tradition,... More >>
Anepalco's Cafe Has Le Mexique Anepalco's Cafe Has Le Mexique
Danny Godinez's second restaurant serves Mexican meals in the French style
, May 10, 2012
Like Break of Dawn's Dee Nguyen and the Playground's Jason Quinn, Danny Godinez cut his teeth and proved his chops during stints at the most... More >>
Bahay Kawayan Is Long in the Plate
[Hole In the Wall] Los Alamitos' first Filipino restaurant is small but delicious
, May 10, 2012
I literally ran into Bahay Kawayan, starving after a day driving across Southern California, needing a starch-filled pick-me-up before I could... More >>
Umami Burger Brings Something Savory This Way Umami Burger Brings Something Savory This Way
Adam Fleischman's phenomenon finally opens in OC
, May 03, 2012
You have Adam Fleischman to thank for bringing the Japanese word "umami" into the mainstream consciousness. Before he came along and started the... More >>
Song Long Bakery Is the Elder of Euclid
[Hole In the Wall] This Garden Grove Vietnamese restaurant makes great pastries
, May 03, 2012
Song Long Bakery is the Little Saigon version of Jax Donuts or Norms: a standard, one that has stood for so long people take it for granted,... More >>
The Hobbit Is Orange County's Precious The Hobbit Is Orange County's Precious
From the wine-cellar hors d'oeuvres to the seventh course, this homage to Bilbo Baggins is the Disneyland of dining
, April 26, 2012
The Hobbit is from a dying breed, a group of the proud and expensive that once included La Vie en Rose, the Arches, and the Riviera at the... More >>
Game Day Fire-Grilled Hot Dogs Gets Their Game On
[Hole In the Wall] The Orange restaurant, with its wondrous wieners, is well-suited to a college town
, April 26, 2012
Next to spotting orange groves and tracking the return of the swallows to Capistrano, one of the best geographic parlor games in Orange County is... More >>
Mil Jugos Is One in a Thousand Mil Jugos Is One in a Thousand
The Santa Ana eatery moved into bigger digs, but its Venezuelan food is still wonderful
, April 19, 2012
Despite the name, there aren't a thousand juices on offer at Mil Jugos—only 24, but that's plenty because you're in the presence of fruits... More >>
Mission Ranch Market Keeps Growing
[Hole In the Wall] The best little Persian supermarket in OC makes Mission Viejo sumptuous for the first time
, April 19, 2012
God bless the entrepreneurial wile of immigrants, those hardy souls who repurposed cookie-cutter strip malls, shopping plazas and office parks... More >>
North Shore Poke Co. Has a Poke-Man North Shore Poke Co. Has a Poke-Man
Shawn Gole's Huntington Beach restaurant finally gives the Hawaiian standard its full, undivided attention
, April 12, 2012
We Mainlanders like to stereotype Hawaiians as obsessed with heavy meals such as plate lunches or loco moco, but the true religion is poke. A... More >>
Mick's Karma Bar Is Burger Heaven In Hell
[Hole In the Wall] This Irvine gem makes amazing hamburgers from a corporate Irvine office tower
, April 12, 2012
No restaurant in Orange County deserves an upgrade in location more than Mick's Karma Bar. From this former juice stand come some of the best... More >>
CUCINA enoteca Is the San Diego Treat CUCINA enoteca Is the San Diego Treat
Irvine's version of a San Diego restaurant that flies against Donald Bren's beige boringness
, April 05, 2012
We sat under a leafy olive tree. If not for butcher-paper placemats, the cold, metal surface of our table would've sapped the warmth from the... More >>
Taqueria Two Guys Cheeses It
[Hole In the Wall] This Santa Ana Mexican restaurant loves its cheese, damn the authenticity
, April 05, 2012
First things first: if you haven't already read it 80 times in this issue, read it again: My long-promised book, Taco USA: How Mexican Food... More >>
Class 302: A Course to Audit Class 302: A Course to Audit
The Irvine restaurant teaches you well with its grade-school theme and Taiwanese food
, March 29, 2012
You're sitting at an actual wooden school desk. There's a cubbyhole for stowing your books and an indentation carved at the top so your pencil... More >>
Moros Cuban Restaurant Has Mondo Mojo
[Hole In the Wall] This La Habra dive impresses every possible way
, March 29, 2012
In the world of searing condiments, few are as caustic as a properly made mojo de ajo—olive oil spiked with garlic, the soy sauce of Cuba. Too... More >>
The Starling Diner's Fine French Toast The Starling Diner's Fine French Toast
Dealing with epic lines for wonderful meals at the Long Beach breakfast institution
, March 22, 2012
You might better know the mile-long stretch of Anaheim Street between Atlantic and Junipero in Long Beach as Cambodia Town, the center of all... More >>
Mitla Cafe Is the Restaurant That Birthed Taco Bell
[Hole In the Wall] This San Bernardino landmarks deserves a pilgrimage from all lovers of Mexican food
, March 22, 2012
This week marks the 50th anniversary of Taco Bell, the Irvine-based giant that fundamentally changed how Americans consume Mexican food. But 2012... More >>
The Riders Club Cafe Goes Back to Basics The Riders Club Cafe Goes Back to Basics
This San Clemente dive makes a damn-fine burger
, March 15, 2012
When I re-evaluate the best burgers I've eaten in my life, the most memorable are usually from dives, greasy spoons, places where I can see,... More >>
Namastey India Chaat Up the Haters
[Hole In the Wall] This Buena Park Indian restaurant is leading the city's subcontinental renaissance
, March 15, 2012
In 1999, Buena Park residents loudly protested when a group of Hindus proposed to build a massive temple in the city that Knott built. "I don't... More >>
THE RANCH Offers a Fistful of Dollars THE RANCH Offers a Fistful of Dollars
Extron owner Andrew Edwards has invested major coin into his restaurant and saloon
, March 08, 2012
It's said that Walt Disney created Disneyland because he wanted a place to spend time with his daughters. Andrew Edwards, the owner and president... More >>
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