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Paradise Regained
The teeming tanks of Sea Food Paradise
, August 24, 2000
I once lived in a seafood paradise out on Washington's Olympic Peninsula, halfway between Clallam and Dungeness bays. It didn't matter that I... More >>
Ice Box Memories
Getting fat, if not phat
, August 17, 2000
Photo by Patricia InsheiwatMy vividest memories of growing up in Orange County include Thrifty's drugstore, Lucci's Deli and my hunt—still... More >>
Pacific Rim Job
Dukes goes back to the islands
, August 03, 2000
Photo by Patricia InsheiwatI stumbled upon Duke's restaurant in Malibu years ago (it couldn't have been more than four years ago because that's... More >>
Feet, Meters, Rellenos
How to measure a Mexican restaurant
, July 27, 2000
Photo by Jack GouldOur standard measure of a Mexican restaurant's worth is the chile relleno. This roasted pepper stuffed with cheese (or meat... More >>
Champagne Curiosity
If youre rich, you already know about the Golden Truffle, so keep moving. The rest of you may stay
, July 20, 2000
Photo by Joy BastI'm constantly looking for experiences that allow me to transcend my class. Not that I'm poor or anything: I was born solidly... More >>
Pretty Vacant
Citrus City Grille, Grille, Grille, Grille...
, July 13, 2000
Photo by Keith MayOur county has an early-to-bed reputation, and there is evidence to support it, like the fact that you don't need a reservation... More >>
A guide to our Advertisers
, June 29, 2000
Abilene Rose 10830 Warner Ave., Fountain Valley, (714) 963-1700 If you have a taste for authentic Texas barbecue, look no further. The menu at... More >>
Where famous people eat!
, June 29, 2000
Photo by Jack GouldJim Righeimer Teacher-bashin', labor-bustin' OC politico, real-estate guy, and Lord of Darkness. Righeimer was afraid we were... More >>
Jenny Lane
, June 29, 2000
Professional wrestler. Lane was plucked out of a crowd at one of Rick Bassman's wrestling shows. "He said, 'Look at the girl! She's going nuts!... More >>
Jeremy Popoff
, June 29, 2000
Photo by Jeanne riceLit guitarist, late riser and International Superstar. Breakfast: "I'm usually not up in time for breakfast, but Allen... More >>
Joe Foster
, June 29, 2000
Photo by Jeanne RiceGuitarist, the Killing Flame; graphic designer. BREAKFAST: "'Brunch' is a more accurate word when I think of eating in the... More >>
Joey Racano
, June 29, 2000
Photo by Mark SavageGuitar-playing environmental activist. Lives in his trailer in Huntington Beach. Plays music at local bars and at the pier,... More >>
Jason Weeks
, June 29, 2000
Photo by Jeanne RiceGuitarist, the Orangemen. BREAKFAST: "On Sundays, the Tiki Bar in Costa Mesa has a 99-cent special that comes with... More >>
Yahoo for Wahoos
Theres no better fish taco. Period.
, June 22, 2000
Photo by Keith MayWhile it's not exactly as unethical as the journalistic blowjob the Los Angeles Times Magazine famously gave the Staples... More >>
Tulsa meats tabouli in Orange
, June 15, 2000
Photo by Jack GouldThere are as many styles of barbecue as there are places to throw meat over coals. Santa Fe barbecue (mesquite wood) is as... More >>
Transmigration of Sol
The food comes from all over the planet but ends up pleasantly in your belly
, June 08, 2000
Photo by Debra DiPaoloDining with our photographer is always an adventure. She's good company, never at a loss for something to say. And she's... More >>
Not Like Mom Used to Make
Phillips chicken pies really fly
, May 25, 2000
Photo by Joy BastEnvironmental writer Jennifer Price's mind-bending book Flight Maps: Adventures With Nature in Modern America(Basic Books)... More >>
Darya is really something
, May 18, 2000
Photo by Joy BastThat, uhhh, probably goes real good on, uhhh, something," cracks my old high school buddy Rod, proving he's still a master of... More >>
Jazz and Italian
A Mulberry Street that makes its own improvisations
, May 11, 2000
Photo by Joy BastOur infrequent visits to New York and its jazz clubs always include a pilgrimage to Little Italy's Mulberry Street. The narrow,... More >>
No Possum Here
Johnny Rebs aint the Waffle House
, May 04, 2000
Photo by Keith MayWhen I spotted the new Johnny Rebs' Southern Roadhouse in Orange, I laid rubber to get inside and glory in the exquisite... More >>
Holy Cats!
Favoris fabulous catfish doesnt taste like chicken
, April 27, 2000
Photo by Jeanne RiceI wasted plenty of my youth tempting catfish out of the muck of Midwestern rivers. The bait was spoiled chicken organs or,... More >>
Edible Mall Food
I see Tu Tu Tango in your future
, April 13, 2000
Photo by Joy BastTu Tu Tango's spaghetti-squash-colored walls are splashed floor to ceiling with the most fabulous garage-sale art depicting... More >>
Juror No. 11 makes a case for Civic Center eats
, April 06, 2000
Photo by Joy BastI recently spent two long weeks doing time in the jury box of Department 32 in Santa Ana's Central Court. After taking enough... More >>
Wavy Vegetarian Gravy
Rutabegorz is still groovy
, March 30, 2000
Located in the historic Tustin Company Building since 1978, Rutabegorz has the groovy feel of a restaurant on Berkeley's Solano Street. Some of... More >>
Wavy Vegetarian Gravy
Rutabegorz is still groovy
, March 30, 2000
Photo by Jeanne RiceLocated in the historic Tustin Company Building since 1978, Rutabegorz has the groovy feel of a restaurant on Berkeley's... More >>
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