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Lotus Cafe still great at the meat masquerade
, April 12, 2001
Photo by Jeanne RiceThere is no better appetizer than the scent of good food luring you into a restaurant—especially if the mouth-watering smells... More >>
Andean Heater
Inka Grill keeps things spicy, Peruvian-style
, March 29, 2001
Photo by Jack GouldWe survived the Gringo Killer—twice. When the Inka Grill in Costa Mesa—a warm little restaurant with a rag-painted,... More >>
Fakin Bacon!
At Au Lac, even the strictest vegans can make pigs of themselves
, March 15, 2001
Photo by Jack GouldIt's lonely at the top of the food chain if you're a vegan—or so I would assume. Some of my best friends are among the... More >>
Here is Cod's Plenty
The great fish and chips search
, March 15, 2001
Photo by Jack GouldThe first thing I noticed about my take-out box o' fish and chips from Silky Sullivan's was that instead of a lemon wedge,... More >>
Instant Ritz
Saratoga Grill feels like its been here forever
, March 01, 2001
Some indigenous peoples of the Southwest dwelled in cliffs. The Spaniards and Mexicans who came later used clay and straw to shape adobe bricks.... More >>
Southeast Asia With a Car Wash
Eat, clean and see merry
, February 08, 2001
Photo by Jack GouldIt seems like a dish from a bad Vincent Price movie: red curry with coconut milk. Does this meal, combining the ephemeral... More >>
Dave Garofalo Eats Here!
But, it turns out, not very often
, January 18, 2001
Don't look for checkered tablecloths, fake grape arbors dangling from doorways, or wicker-bottomed bottles of chianti. Lucci's Deli is more... More >>
True Believers
Our encounter with authentic Sicilian
, January 11, 2001
Photo by Keith MayHalf-Italian, I've eaten at my fair share of Italian restaurants, including the Olive Garden (Il Ristorante Denny's), and there... More >>
Every Sandwich an Adventure!
A couple of hero-crazy kids try living the dream
, December 28, 2000
Photo by Jeanne RiceA quick look around Super Hero's reveals it's a very new restaurant: the paint's still shiny, the counters are absolutely... More >>
Tacos and a Side of Tacos
Fine dining under $4
, December 21, 2000
Photo by Jeanne RiceWhen I spotted the Taqueria Mexico sign in a strip mall off Katella, visions of a torta stuffed with meat, lettuce and... More >>
Valhalla on Earth
Smorgasbord the way Thor intended
, December 14, 2000
Photo by Keith MayIn a culinary ranking of nations, Sweden would fall somewhere between exquisite French delicacies and bland English slop. Only... More >>
Cant Beat Their Meat
Its all about steak at Stubriks
, November 23, 2000
Photo by Joy BastGetting a decent steak in Orange County is a real grind. Most steakhouses in the upper bubbles of OC consist of themed joints... More >>
Cant Beat Their Meat
Its all about steak at Stubriks
, November 23, 2000
Getting a decent steak in Orange County is a real grind. Most steakhouses in the upper bubbles of OC consist of themed joints that offer little... More >>
Cant Beat Their Meat
Its all about steak at Stubriks
, November 23, 2000
Photo by Joy BastGetting a decent steak in Orange County is a real grind. Most steakhouses in the upper bubbles of OC consist of themed joints... More >>
Indian Adventure
Why Indian beer comes in big bottles
, November 16, 2000
Photo by Joy BastImagine yourself in old Bombay. Now eliminate the incessant heat, the millions of flies and the whining beggars. What's left?... More >>
God in a Plate of Chiles
In search of the hot and sacred
, November 09, 2000
Illustration by Bob AulThere's some speculation that hot foods were once (we're talking centuries ago, and certainly not in the Weekly's... More >>
Spaghetti Postmodern
If Ed Wood were from Italy, he mightve owned Angelos and Vincis
, November 02, 2000
Photo by Keith May"Let me give you a little ambiance," our waiter said, reaching over to light a tiny tabletop candle. "It'll make all the... More >>
I Dined It My Way
Eat, drink and be Frankie!
, October 19, 2000
BY OLD BLUE EYESThere are places in Orange County that look Frank, sound Frank and are even named after Frank. Hell, if I had known so many... More >>
Yes, Mother
Mother India insists you eat seconds
, October 12, 2000
Photo by Joy BastA couple of years ago, when I worked down the street, I must have eaten lunch three days a week at Mother India... More >>
The Doctor is in Pescadou
French dining with Art Davis
, October 05, 2000
Photo by Keith MayJazz musicians know food. They can tell you where to get the best grub in cities all around the world and will rave about... More >>
Food is Sleep
24-Hour Dining Adventures
, September 21, 2000
Photo by Jeanne RiceIt's 3 a.m., you've got enough alcohol in your belly to re-float the Kursk, and there's nothing in sight but the harsh glow... More >>
Cha, Cha, Cha
Tea bar brews superlative stuff
, August 31, 2000
Photo by Joy BastWatching the club-kid mixmasters concocting otherworldly brews in their cocktail shakers at Cha for Tea reminds me of nighttime... More >>
Paradise Regained
The teeming tanks of Sea Food Paradise
, August 24, 2000
I once lived in a seafood paradise out on Washington's Olympic Peninsula, halfway between Clallam and Dungeness bays. It didn't matter that I... More >>
Ice Box Memories
Getting fat, if not phat
, August 17, 2000
Photo by Patricia InsheiwatMy vividest memories of growing up in Orange County include Thrifty's drugstore, Lucci's Deli and my hunt—still... More >>
Pacific Rim Job
Dukes goes back to the islands
, August 03, 2000
Photo by Patricia InsheiwatI stumbled upon Duke's restaurant in Malibu years ago (it couldn't have been more than four years ago because that's... More >>
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