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Looking for Love in All the Right Pastas
, November 07, 2002
Photo by Jeanne RiceRenaissance Bistro is a second-date restaurant: classy, pricey, but not so classy and pricey that your date thinks you're... More >>
Potato Party
Bebas Bolivian bacchanal
, October 31, 2002
Photo by Jessica CalkinsOnce, before a muckraking visit to the Orange County Registrar of Voters, I stopped at a nearby industrial park to figure... More >>
Swap Meet Eats
A flea-market cuisine guide
, October 17, 2002
Photo by James BunoanA year ago, you might have recoiled: Eat at the swap meet? The fetid, malodorous, B.O.-meets-churros-stinking flea market?... More >>
No More Juice for You
Secret Spots cuisine is da kine
, October 10, 2002
Photo by Jessica CalkinsThree and a half years ago, Billy Long was working at a construction site in Signal Hill—when he wasn't surfing at Seal... More >>
Beware of Pussies and Cocks
Tips for the prospective chicken owner
, October 10, 2002
Alice was a magnificent Rhode Island Red. She never did me wrong, listened patiently to my hopes and dreams, and enjoyed it whenever I tickled... More >>
Shawerma Shop
The simple greatness of Sahara Falafel
, October 03, 2002
Photo by Jeanne Rice "Beware the eating establishment that doles out plastic forks," I tell my loved ones whether they want to hear it or not.... More >>
Let Them Eat Nachos
You, too, can live off happy hour food
, October 03, 2002
Photo by Jessica CalkinsThanks to the economic downturn brought to us by Sept. 11, Wall Street scandals and Dubya's asinine tax cut, it's tough... More >>
Eat, Drink and Push the Jager
Thinking Oktoberfest, talking cholera
, September 26, 2002
Photo by James BunoanFacts, fun and friends gleaned from Old World's 25th annual Oktoberfest Press Day: Oktoberfest began at Huntington Beach's... More >>
Lotsa Quarters, No Cow
Park it at Cafe Zinc
, September 26, 2002
OCW StaffLaguna Beach is a curious mix of Marin County and Mayberry. It is a trendy, stylish city, with its amphitheaters and seaside art... More >>
Good Sho
Japanese cuisine cut five ways
, September 19, 2002
Photo by Jessica CalkinsThis being the 51st anniversary of Akira Kurosawa's Rashomon—the master's highly thought of classic film about a crime... More >>
Battle of the Hot Sauces!
Sriracha or Tapatio?
, September 19, 2002
Photo by OCW staffLet me begin this review with a disclaimer: home-made hot sauces kick mass-produced hot sauce's ass any day. Please seek out... More >>
Taps Doesnt Blow
Actually, its quite good
, September 12, 2002
In the rockin' new heart of Downtown Brea—where "downtown" means a carbon copy of the Block at Orange, complete with glaring neon, Old Navy, big... More >>
You Cant Beat Bobs Meat
, September 12, 2002
Photo by Katheryne MoralesThere are two things that I would hazard driving the traffic-jammed "Y" for: to drink margaritas with my bikini-clad... More >>
Holy Mole!
Orange Countys first Oaxacan restaurant
, September 05, 2002
Photo by Jessica CalkinsThrow your burrito in the trash can. Chuck your pan dulce to the raccoons. Forget everything you knew about Mexican food.... More >>
Hot Shank, Cool Jazz
Delicious Mediterranean fare at Byblos Cafe
, August 29, 2002
Photo by Jessica CalkinsHere are 22 things you should know about Byblos Café: 1. It's a drop-kick from the historic traffic circle in the city of... More >>
Restaurant or Drug?
The dangerous goodness of Cha Thai
, August 22, 2002
Photo by Jessica CalkinsI finish each meal at Orange's Cha Thai Restaurant more wired than a Pentium 5. But I'm never resentful. Indeed, I like... More >>
Da Kine Grinds
Marukai Market classes up the hood
, August 15, 2002
Photo by Jessica CalkinsWhen the Sav-Max store that used to be a Vons supermarket until the Albertsons became a Vons went out of business, my... More >>
Royal Treatment
Sweatin at the Khyber
, August 15, 2002
Photo by Jessica CalkinsI don't know if India is a third-world country, but if it's not, it certainly has box seats to the game. One-quarter of... More >>
Buena Korea
Soups, stomachs and side dishes
, August 08, 2002
Photo by James BunoanTime was that when you got an urge for local Korean food, you'd drive to one of the Garden Grove Korean Business District's... More >>
Wine Does Salmon Good
Eating and drinking with a couple of Chigniks
, August 01, 2002
Photo by Jessica CalkinsI'm not a big fan of salmon. But I am a big fan of free. So, when McCormick and Schmick's invited me to eat free... More >>
Chulo Cholo
Welcome to Tamaleland
, August 01, 2002
Photo by Jessica CalkinsIn my line of work, the greatest danger comes from contact with the most terrifying, ruthless person in society—the food... More >>
Much Mangia
Big food in Little Italy
, July 18, 2002
Photo by Jessica CalkinsAs far as I can tell, there are three styles of Italian food—Northern, Southern and New York. The first two are ones you... More >>
Eating alone at Gustaf Anders
, July 18, 2002
Photo by Keith MayI was 22 years old and far out of my element at LA's Pinot. I was there, in my limp hairdo and my Jaclyn Smith Collection suit,... More >>
A Wing and a Prayer
Will Wingnuts fly?
, July 11, 2002
Photo by Matt CokerYou men eat your dinner, eat your pork and beans, but at Wingnuts, you can eat more chicken wings than any man ever seen. Just... More >>
Taco Towns
Community through comestibles
, July 11, 2002
Illustration by Bob AulMany Mexicans nowadays don't identify themselves primarily as "Mexican" since there are so damn many of us here. Instead,... More >>
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