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This Hole-in-the-Wall Life
Rasthal Vegetarian Cuisine
, December 18, 2003
Photo by Jessica CalkinsBetween an Indian produce store and seedy liquor mart in Anaheim now stands Rasthal Vegetarian Cuisine, the only county... More >>
Wild Artichoke Hearts Cant Be Broken
Rustic Elegance in the Yorba Linda Badlands
, December 11, 2003
Photo by Joy WeberTakes a special kind of kook to appreciate the artichoke. Sure, gourmands of yore celebrated the thistly plant for its... More >>
This Hole-In-The-Wall Life
Globe European Delicatessen
, December 11, 2003
Photo by Tenaya HillsThe meat counter at Globe European Delicatessen is a long-as-a-Cadillac cornucopia of sausages of every grind, animal and... More >>
Paris Hilton, Pinot Noir & Moi
Devouring Lamburgers and Juicy Gossip at Plums
, December 04, 2003
Photo by John PickelleThough I'm one of her most insatiable admirers, I have to admit I'm terribly disappointed in Paris Hilton's recent... More >>
This Hole-In-The-Wall Life
GEgg Rolls, Etc.
, December 04, 2003
Photo by Matt OttoNaming a restaurant Egg Rolls, Etc., implies that the eatery specializes in various versions of Asia's preferred fried snack.... More >>
Tax Shelters, Riding Crops and Grand Marnier
Dining With the Swells at Gemmells in Dana Point
, November 27, 2003
Photo by Tenaya Hills "Not another French restaurant in Dana Point!" exclaimed my sable-haired puss-in-boots, the illustrious Madame X, when I... More >>
This Hole-In-The-Wall Life
El Carbonero #1 & #2
, November 27, 2003
Photo by Rain LaneCall it Guanaco Row: two restaurants, a café, a courier service, a travel agency and a beauty salon/record store side by side... More >>
Some Ziing New
Our salacious savant seeks vintage erotica and miso-seared ahi in historic Fullerton
, November 20, 2003
Photo by Tenaya HillsThis week's fine-dining experience takes us to the exotic burg of Fullerton and its restaurant row on Harbor Boulevard,... More >>
This Hole-In-The-Wall Life
, November 20, 2003
Photo by Joy WeberSunset falls, and the until-then-empty Al Waha B.B.Q. Family Restaurant quickly crowds with Muslim families breaking their... More >>
This Hole-In-The-Wall Life
, November 20, 2003
Photo by Tenaya HillsMeet nikuman, the world's cutest sandwich. Puffier than a cumulus cloud and the approximate size of a small baby, nikuman is... More >>
Bad Kitty!
If this is hell, where do I sign, Mr. Wilhelm?
, November 13, 2003
Photo by Jeanne RiceLegend holds that a black cat could be the devil himself in disguise or at least a necromancer's familiar. And though I... More >>
This Hole-In-The-Wall Life
, November 13, 2003
Photo by John PickelleIn Orange County's hole-in-the-wall galaxy, Jamaican Cuisine Experience is the holiest-in-the-wall. A flimsy plastic banner... More >>
Eating Republican
Stephen Lemons downs dunkel at San Juan Capistranos Cafe Mozart
, November 06, 2003
I've always been what Southerners refer to as a "yellow dog Democrat," meaning I'd have voted for a yellow dog as long as the critter was a Dem.... More >>
This Hole-In-The-Wall Life
, November 06, 2003
Photo by Matt OttoPriorities are priorities for Argentine immigrants, so when Carlos Patti, Abel García and Antonio Ferrari opened El Gaucho Meat... More >>
Bodhisattvas of Vegetarianism
The Pham family re-emerges with Bodhi Tree Vegetarian Cafe
, October 23, 2003
Photo by Tenaya HillsNot so very long ago, there was a vegetarian restaurant by the name of Vien Huong in the heart of Little Saigon. The Pham... More >>
Dog Day Cafe
Stephen Lemons Lies Down with Dogs and Gets Pleased
, October 23, 2003
Photo by Joy WeberIt takes an unusual amount of chutzpah to name your restaurant the Lazy Dog Café. To do so risks identifying your establishment... More >>
Justin Rudd: Gay superman at your service
, October 16, 2003
Photo by Jack GouldJustin Rudd is hot. And, like, perfect. It's kinda Stepford Wife-ish. Except that unlike the animatronic Katherine Ross, he... More >>
Mona Lisa Lard-Ass
Fat man relives The Shining at Disneys Napa Rose
, October 16, 2003
Photo by John PickeleAh, mes amis, this past weekend left me as ecstatic as Eddie Izzard with a new pair of Manolos! And all because of some... More >>
Paradise by the Soy-Sparked Light
Aloha Chickens Spartan surprises
, October 09, 2003
Photo by Matt OttoThe soy sauce-fueled sizzle of meat slapped upon a grill is a constant at Aloha Chicken—that and a powerful punch-in-the-palate... More >>
Suds for Studs
Devouring beers, babes and board at Karl Strauss Brewery Restaurant
, October 09, 2003
Photo by Joy WeberOnce in a very long while, this embonpoint epicure likes to hoist a few with the common man, woman and/or sexual hybrid and... More >>
Gourmet Gone Wild!
Pork chops Doggy-style at Iva Lees
, October 02, 2003
Photo by Jeanne RiceBless my dimpled fanny, but none other than rap superstar and pimp-daddy extraordinaire Snoop Dogg prompted my recent journey... More >>
Hindustani Soul Bread
Ashokas elegant take on Indian bread and other bites
, October 02, 2003
Photo by Tenaya HillsConsider naan, the Indian leavened bread that's the edible spork of the subcontinent, spongy with a bitter aftertaste. Most... More >>
Clashingly Yummy
Travel through Peru with Norys
, September 25, 2003
Photo by Tenaya HillsPlease praise Francisco Pizarro every time you peruse a Peruvian menu. The 16th-century Spanish conquistador's betrayal of... More >>
Mint Juleps, Cornholinand Memphis
Our suet-y Southerner squeals like a pig for Memphis crab cakes
, September 25, 2003
Photo by Steve LoweryThe older and wider-of-waist I get, the more I enjoy returning to the South periodically for short stays. Lord knows I hated... More >>
The Mexican Mormons Jewish Bakery
Abel Salgado keeps the Challah coming
, September 11, 2003
Photo by Matt OttoForty years after he first put on a white apron, Abel Salgado remains an anomaly in the Jewish bakery world, but not for... More >>
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