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Dads Donuts vs. Sugar N Spice: The Row-a at Balboa
, October 28, 2004
Photo by Amy TheligIn honor of the season debuts next weekfor the FOX television phenomena The O.C.and Arrested Development, we turn our culinary... More >>
Sushi by Moonlight
Feasting into the early morning at Honda-Ya
, October 14, 2004
Photo by Tenaya Hills I'm not sure what time it is anymore. Ientered Honda-Ya around 6 in the evening, shortly after its wooden door opened, and... More >>
Santoras Pizza Subs & Wings
, October 14, 2004
Matthew 20:16 taught us that the last shall be first, and that's the best way to describe Santora's Pizza, Subs & Wings, a dank tavern just down... More >>
Good Breakfast, Fab Lunch, Great Dinner
The Dining Day at the Irvine Hyatt Regencys 6ix Park Grill
, September 30, 2004
Photo by Tenaya HillsSome of the county's better restaurants operate from hotels, such as Savoury's in Laguna Beach's La Casa del Camino, Aqua... More >>
Chug! Hug! Chug!
Making friends and beer at Brewbakers
, September 23, 2004
Photo by Amy TheligPart fraternity, part bakery, part miniature brewery, Brewbakers is as much a bonding experience as an eating establishment, a... More >>
Blame It on the Ritz
The Dining Rooms last waltz
, September 09, 2004
Photo by Amy TheligThis is how we do it in the OC: build fabulous restaurants and entertainment venues, allow them to achieve a fame that... More >>
Honor the Proletariat: Pig Out
Spend your Labor Day searching for South Countys endangered beach-shack grubberies
, September 02, 2004
photo by Amy TheligDamned is the soul drawn to South County. Damned am I, condemned to wander wall-eyed through the region's few remaining... More >>
Matiki Island Barbeque
, September 02, 2004
Photo by Sasha ContrerasWhether tucked between two bread slices or served alongside rondures of rice and macaroni salad, the beef at Matiki... More >>
Faster, Higher, Fuller!
Forget about the Olympics! Chow at Christakis
, August 26, 2004
Photo by Tenaya HillsWatching the Olympics? I sure as hell ain't, although not for the reasons you may suspect. I actually love the... More >>
My Hiro
How a Cypress cafe stole my heart, one fusion dish at a time
, August 19, 2004
Photo by Matt Otto Our first date was underwhelming. Sure, Hiro was friendly and sophisticated and beckoned with quirky charm. But Hiro was ugly.... More >>
Politics-Free Zone
Anaheim officials, please stay away from Yves Bistro. Everyone else, eat on!
, August 12, 2004
Photo by Amy TheligAs Anaheim Mayor Curt Pringle draws up his latest revitalization plan for the city, you can bet Disney Dollars to cents he... More >>
La Vie en Fusion
Feast on French-Vietnamese veggie love at Chez Rose
, August 05, 2004
Photo by Tenaya HillsChez Rose in Westminster is a delicious aberration in many ways. For one, this little café specializes in French-Vietnamese... More >>
These are the Riches of the Rich
Hush your poor gut at Laguna Beachs buzz spot
, July 29, 2004
Photo by Tenaya HillsThe rich are different from you and me—for instance, they don't drink lemonade. I was reminded of this class truism one... More >>
Asian Deli
, July 29, 2004
Photo by Amy TheligAmong Orange County's many restaurant casualties over the years, the loss of Asian Deli stings the most. It operated for years... More >>
This Hole-in-the-Wall County
Orange Countys 74 Greatest Holes-in-the-Wall
, July 15, 2004
Holes are our friends and, these days, so very necessary. One must protect one's holes against attack—gas mask, lead underwear. One is advised to... More >>
Eater, Destroy Thyself
Going out with a bang at Rembrandts Beautiful Food
, July 08, 2004
Photo by Tenaya HillsWhen it became evident last week that killing my brain with beer and burgers just wasn't working fast enough, I turned to... More >>
My City Kicks Your Citys Dining Ass
Dont trust the Times or Pringle: Anaheim is OCs best dining burg
, July 01, 2004
Photo by James BunoanShameless self-promotion: in two weeks, this rag will publish its annual fantabulous summer food guide, 7,000 words on more... More >>
Beignet and Muffuletta Orgy!
The Big Easy marches into Tustin at Crescent City
, June 24, 2004
Photo by Tenaya HillsAs you read this, it's likely I am marching through New Orleans, laying waste to a feast of sumptuous muffulettas, orgasmic... More >>
Take Me Out to the Brawl Game
Brotherly love at Larrys Pizza
, June 17, 2004
Photo by Amy TheligHe is the reason I maintain hope for the world—my baby brother, Gabriel. Except he's not a baby anymore. Nearly my height,... More >>
Stand and Deliver
Deciding between healthy and lardy cuisine at the Stand
, June 10, 2004
Photo by Amy TheligThe Franklin Mint ought to make plates that read, "Sometimes traffic is a gift from Jesus," with a picture of maybe Christ... More >>
Mmmm . . . Freedom Naan
India Houses buffet as a meal metaphor for the worlds largest democracy
, June 03, 2004
Photo by Matt Otto "So this is what democracy tastes like," I thought as India House's buffet steamed before me, a vast table of eight entrées,... More >>
Ice Dreams
Chilling away the summer, Mexico-style
, May 20, 2004
Photo by Amy TheiligIf The Orange County Register wanted to court the attention of young Latinos, they got it. Their six-part investigation last... More >>
To Eat or Not to Eat
Deciding between bouillabaisse and the Bard at Bayou St. John
, May 13, 2004
Photo by Tenaya HillsWere it not for the sweet, spiced aromas seeping from the doorway of Bayou St. John, beckoning every passing stomach like... More >>
Spin this Wheel and Win!
Karmic cuisine with the Lims at the Wheel of Life
, May 06, 2004
Photo by Amy TheiligWhether it's your first visit to Irvine's Wheel of Life Restaurant or your 30th, the welcome remains the same: a smile, a pat... More >>
Mexican Restaurant Stereotypes
A Pictorial Essay
, April 29, 2004
The following images are racist, demeaning to Mexicans, and found at virtually every Mexican restaurant from Santa Ana to San Clemente.... More >>
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