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Al Amir Bakery
, July 28, 2005
Photo by Shannon SibayanAl Amir Bakery in Anaheim's Little Arabia enclave attracts all sorts of eaters, but it works best as an old-style... More >>
Fleeting Scallops
Riding the delicious waves of White Horses churning menu
, July 21, 2005
Photo by Tenaya HillsWhen I was young, San Clemente meant salvation: the halfway point home after my family's daylong trips to the back-alley... More >>
El Portal de Veracruz
, July 21, 2005
Photo by Tenaya HillsThe reconquista continues: El Portal de Veracruz is Orange County's first Mexican restaurant to specialize in the cuisine of... More >>
The Asian Persuasion
Great Asian restaurants, and the Asians (and Chuck Devore) who love them
, July 14, 2005
Photo by Heather XBy Nadia Afghani, Gustavo Arellano, Matt Coker, Theo Douglas, Steve Lowery, R. Scott Moxley, Rebecca Schoenkopf, Will Swaim and... More >>
Editors Picks
, July 14, 2005
Photo by Tenaya HillsWhenever I frequent either HONDA YA, I'm reminded of the scene in Kill Bill, Vol. 1 when Oren Ishi's Crazy 88s gang harass a... More >>
Evenings of Wine and Coke
Sipping gourmet vintages with a classy dame at La Maison Gourmet
, July 07, 2005
Photo by Amy TheiligI sure have a way with the ladies. When I asked Sali Heráldez, the grand dame of Santa Ana's wonderful Sol Art Gallery, if... More >>
Kosher Bite
, July 07, 2005
Photo by Shannon SibayanOrange County seems just too spic-n-span Christian to host a real New York-style Jewish deli, but try telling that to the... More >>
A Portrait of the Food Critic as a Young Man
You dont have to be English to appreciate Brussels Bistro, but it helps
, June 30, 2005
Photo by Heather SwaimA friend in London found an ingenious solution to the problem of lousy English food: he spends his weekends in Brussels. ... More >>
Boutique Samoa
, June 30, 2005
Photo by Shannon SibayanEver wondered why Samoan football players are so freaking big? Visit Boutique Samoa, a Polynesian gift shop in Anaheim... More >>
Ah So-So Sushi
Zipangu excels when youre important, pleases when youre not
, June 23, 2005
Photo by Amy TheiligZipangu is empty. There are two people at the sushi bar, two tables with customers in the restaurant, and not a soul in the... More >>
Beach Cities Pizza
, June 23, 2005
Photo by Shannon SibayanWhen she was a high school senior nearly a decade ago, my charming companion once ate at Beach Cities Pizza, a ramshackle... More >>
The Real Afghani
Dealing with Afghan realities at Amazing Kabob House
, June 16, 2005
Photo by Amy TheiligDespite having the last name "Afghani" and being related to a guy (my dad) who was related to a guy (his dad) who lived in... More >>
Delicias de Mexico
, June 16, 2005
Photo by Shannon SibayanAt some point this June, Fate will force you onto the 22 freeway. You will sludge through its blocked-off lanes, closed... More >>
Better Than Health Insurance
Staying alive with Blue Nile Cafe
, June 09, 2005
Photo by Amy Theilig"Location, location, location," say the real-estate people, which is why they'd think the guys who run Long Beach's new Blue... More >>
La Galette Creperie
, June 09, 2005
Photo by Tenaya HillsIt was an overcast day—it didn't matter. I was in San Clemente, Orange County's own Spanish Village by the Sea, about to eat... More >>
A Brave New (Yummy!) World
Chakra Cuisine: Irvines present, Orange Countys future
, June 02, 2005
Photo by Tenaya HillsFor decades, Irvine was the epitome of everything wrong and evil with Orange County: master-planned, sterile and white,... More >>
Weve Got the Hook-ahps
Smoking through the hookah lounges of Anaheims Little Gaza
, May 26, 2005
Photo by Matt OttoBack in high school, I was called "the chick whose parents own tons of bongs." See, one time some buddies came over to my house... More >>
Grilling It Old School
Dine like Newport Beach at Santa Ana prices at the student-run 50 Forks
, May 12, 2005
Photo by Tenaya HillsThe maitre d' couldn't have been more than 23. His black suit was wrinkled and about two sizes too big. His hair could've... More >>
Hwang Hae Do BBQ
, May 12, 2005
Photo by Matt OttoThe pupils of the waitress expanded even as her eyebrows furrowed. Her neck cocked at a 45-degree angle. Her lips pursed. She... More >>
Rome, Sweet, Rome
Roman Cucina challenges Fullertons Italian restaurant establishment
, May 05, 2005
Photo by Matt OttoYou have to question the business acumen of anyone who opens an Italian restaurant within a meatball's throw of three north... More >>
To Dine the Impossible Dinner
The quixotic quest for great gourmet Mexican cuisine
, April 28, 2005
Photo by Tenaya HillsI admit it—I'm spoiled. I've spent nearly every Saturday afternoon of my life hopping from wedding to quinceañera to baptism... More >>
Goko Cafe
, April 28, 2005
Photo by Amy TheiligRecent Sunday morning, around 10 a.m. Walked into Goko Café in Laguna Beach with an old love who wanted to "talk." Dreaded... More >>
Garden of Eating
Calling the dim sum races at Irvine China Garden
, April 21, 2005
Photo by Amy TheligThe Cantonese social custom of a late-morning weekend brunch with tea and savory snacks is less a peaceful dining experience... More >>
Moonlight Pizza and Chicken
, April 21, 2005
Photo by Tenaya HillsThere's a Lebanese pizzeria in Orange County (Al-Sanabel in Anaheim), as well as pizzerias with a Pakistani (Ali Baba's... More >>
Natural Selection
Survival of the fittest at the Natural Products Expo
, April 14, 2005
Photo by Tenaya HillsLike everybody else at the convention, I am the opposite of a hypochondriac: when I swallow something that's supposed to be... More >>
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Sahuayo Primo Offers Pig By the Pound

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Wei Shian: A Noodle By Any Other Name Wei Shian: A Noodle By Any Other Name

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Burrito Madness at Paul's Famous Burgers

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Ellie's Table At North Beach: A Line of Good

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