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The Dog House Rules The Dog House Rules
From kielbasa to hot links to Habanero Tequila Chicken, this Long Beach sausage shack puts the hot in hot dog
, April 29, 2010
I liked the Dog House before I even bit into a single sausage there. It’s the location. I can’t picture a more apt spot for this eatery than at... More >>
Long Live Nick's Pizza
[Hole in the Wall] Costa Mesa's little slice of Southern Italy
, April 29, 2010
Nick’s occupies the middle echelon of Orange County’s Italian restaurants: not the magisterial dining experiences offered by Pizzeria Ortica or... More >>
Mizuki's Openly Flamed Ramen Mizuki's Openly Flamed Ramen
Is the Irvine noodle restaurant as overpriced and underwhelming as the Yelpers and Chowhounds make it out to be?
, April 22, 2010
“Are you on Yelp?” the waitress at Mizuki asked when she noticed my camera on the table. “No,” I replied. “We’re getting pounded on there,” she... More >>
Taqueria Morelos: Thy Name Is True
[Hole in the Wall] This Garden Grove eatery actually does serve Morelian specialties
, April 22, 2010
One of the great frauds perpetrated by local Mexican restaurants is that of naming themselves after the home city or state of the owners, but not... More >>
Trieu Chau vs. New Trieu Chau? Trieu Chau vs. New Trieu Chau?
These two noodle joints are separated at broth
, April 15, 2010
When it comes to cross-town food rivalries, OC isn’t anywhere near as rough-and-tumble as Philly or New York City. It seems even nearly identical... More >>
Finding Heaven at B & C Burgers
[Hole In the Wall] Placentia burger dive mashes Mexican with American
, April 15, 2010
Little, forgotten Placentia is one of the stranger cities in Orange County’s immigration wars: a place where the descendants of orange pickers... More >>
Park Avenue: Still a Reason to Go to Stanton Park Avenue: Still a Reason to Go to Stanton
Despite some recent inconsistency, the New American fare here still satisfies
, April 08, 2010
It used to be kind of a rule: Whenever you reviewed Park Avenue, you needed to talk about the seedy-looking motel across the street. And all the... More >>
Chago Ahogadas: Drown Your Taste Buds
The saucy tortas ahogadas from Guadalajara have landed in Santa Ana
, April 08, 2010
Is this column prophetic? Just a couple of weeks ago, in a dispatch praising a Mexico City-style restaurant, I closed the review with a swipe at... More >>
Tranquil's Bodacious Tea Tranquil's Bodacious Tea
The proprietors of Tranquil Tea Lounge in Fullerton do it all for the love of the leaf
, April 01, 2010
I drink lots of tea. I’ve sipped countless cups at Hong Kong-style dim sum houses, stuck my pinky finger aloft at Ritz Carlton’s exorbitant... More >>
Hen House Grill's Chicken, Persian-Style
[Hole-in-the-Wall] This spot is no longer a Charo Chicken, but they've kept the love of the bird
, April 01, 2010
It’s a bold move to open an Iranian restaurant in Irvine next to Wholesome Choice, the garden of grocery delights whose buffet beats most of the... More >>
Double Dosa Double Dosa
At the second Dosa Place location in Tustin, bigger is bigger and, in some ways, better
, March 25, 2010
No hyperbole I can muster will ever quite capture how large Dosa Place’s paper dosa is. But I’ll try. It is the size and shape of a telescope... More >>
Choose Chilango!
[Hole In the Wall] Los Chilangos in Anaheim is anything but 'defectivo'
, March 25, 2010
Something amazing happened in Mexico over the past decade: Its capital became cool. Long-derided as a Dickensian nightmare, its citizens... More >>
Deep-Fried Fellowship at Lenten Fish Fries Deep-Fried Fellowship at Lenten Fish Fries
Smiles and piles of food at OC's meatless meet-and-greets
, March 18, 2010
Since we are about four weeks into Lent, I’m sure that many Catholics reading this have already consumed their fair share of Filet-O-Fish as... More >>
Tasty Teriyaki at Teriyami
[Hole in the Wall] The Tustin eatery offers some south-of-the-border touches with its basic bowls
, March 18, 2010
The “Grand Opening” banner outside Teriyami is beginning to decay, which is what happens when plastic is left to face the elements for more than... More >>
SideDoor Is Gastro-Sensational SideDoor Is Gastro-Sensational
May all of OC's many, many gastropubs-to-be follow this Corona del Mar highlight's lead
, March 11, 2010
Here’s an easy prediction: OC will see more gastropubs. The Crow Bar and Kitchen got the ball rolling a little more than two years ago in Corona... More >>
Pasta Connection Reconnects
[Hole In the Wall] The return of the native pasta-native to Argentina, that is
, March 11, 2010
If you’ve spent any time in Costa Mesa during the past three decades, you know Pasta Connection—the hilarious logo of a young boy screaming, head... More >>
At Sophy's Thai and Cambodian, Choose the Latter At Sophy's Thai and Cambodian, Choose the Latter
Sure, you could order the pad Thai, but why would you?
, March 04, 2010
Long Beach’s Anaheim Street is to Cambodians what OC’s Bolsa Avenue is to Vietnamese. And for close to eight years, one of the most successful... More >>
Go Laotian at Vientiane Thai Laos Restaurant
[Hole In the Wall] The country's only culinary representative in OC lives up to bloggers' hype
, March 04, 2010
First, a plug: Join me as I welcome food blogger and Fullerton native Eddie Lin to Orange County this Saturday. The writer behind Deep End... More >>
Hebaragi's Cheeky Barbecue Hebaragi's Cheeky Barbecue
From pig jowls to beef stomach to plain old steak, it all tastes amazing at this Korean eatery
, February 25, 2010
Did you know pigs have jowls? And that you can eat them? Well, they do, and you can. The Italians cure them into a bacon-like product called... More >>
Chelo's Bakery Is Bullish on Bread
[Hole in the Wall] The Santa Ana panadería has all your favorites, plus a big ol' bull's head
, February 25, 2010
This Santa Ana panadería has easily the best adornment of any Orange County restaurant: a massive bull’s head, complete with neck, mounted on a... More >>
OltreMare's Triumphs and Tribulations OltreMare's Triumphs and Tribulations
Many of the dishes at this San Clemente Italian eatery are indeed winners, but others come up short
, February 18, 2010
A pasta pot pie. That’s the most accurate description I can offer for what OltreMare calls Trionfo de OltreMare, or “The Triumph,” a dish that,... More >>
George's Hamburgers' Breakfast Burrito Connection
[Hole in the Wall] The Fullerton eatery deepens the mystery wrapped in an enigma wrapped in a flour tortilla
, February 18, 2010
Like Cambodians owning doughnut shops and Cubans starting Mexican-produce empires, one of Southern California’s great anthropological culinary... More >>
Sex and Romance at Six OC Restaurants Sex and Romance at Six OC Restaurants
[Sex Issue] Take Your Lover to One of These Dining Hot Spots, Then Have Each Other for Dessert
, February 11, 2010
There are restaurants designed to be overtly sexy, and there are those geared toward romance. Depending on who you are and whom you are with, one... More >>
Savoring the Orange Coast College Swap Meet's Food Vendors
[Hole In the Wall] Discover anew la naranja at its best
, February 11, 2010
Sorry to break the flow of this issue, folks: There’s nothing particularly sexy about the Orange Coast College Swap Meet, unless you enjoy the... More >>
Haley Nguyen's X Factor Haley Nguyen's X Factor
Thanks to the chef's personal touch, you can believe the hype about Xanh Bistro
, February 04, 2010
When H.L. Mencken coined that oft-quoted aphorism “Those who can, do; those who can’t, teach,” he obviously hadn’t met chef Haley Nguyen. The... More >>
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