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Wood Ranch BBQ Sells All-American 'Cue Wood Ranch BBQ Sells All-American 'Cue
Don't let its Irvine location's corporate sheen dissuade you from its tri tip
, December 08, 2011
If there's any debate worth having about barbecue, it's the one about the debate. Otherwise, the only agreement you'll reach is that there's a... More >>
Mirak Sells Korean Goat Casserole
[Hole In the Wall] This Fullerton dive specializes in the rare Korean delicacy
, December 08, 2011
Although I go on and on about how I'm an Anaheimer through and through, it's a bit of a lie. I grew up in a section of the city next to the 91... More >>
Silver Trumpet Has a Silver Lining Silver Trumpet Has a Silver Lining
This Costa Mesa restaurant is great for pre-theater meals, just stick to its regular menus
, December 01, 2011
I was attending a wedding reception at a storied LA hotel when a chef friend and I started to talk about the food we were eating. We lamented... More >>
Mini Cafe Masters the Perfecto Middle
[Hole In the Wall] This Santa Ana dive does Mexican and American—and Mexican-American!—beautifully
, December 01, 2011
A perfect plate of restaurant chilaquiles is as elusive an achievement as hitting for the cycle in baseball. Most eateries are content to serve... More >>
Yosuke Sushi Says Yes, No, Amaebi Yosuke Sushi Says Yes, No, Amaebi
This Anaheim Hills Japanese restaurant has it all, from live sweet shrimp to teriyaki served in hubcap-sized combo plates
, November 24, 2011
For me, the reason to order live amaebi has never been the sushi. When compared to the divine slobber of uni or a luscious piece of toro, the... More >>
San Salvador Sells the Breakfast of Salvis
[Hole In the Wall] At this Fountain Valley restaurant, get the breakfast before trying anything else
, November 24, 2011
We're blessed with many great breakfast traditions, both singular and cultural—chilaquiles and breakfast burritos, the Sugar Shack's Surf City... More >>
Indo Ranch's Java to Go Indo Ranch's Java to Go
This Lake Forest market isn't a restaurant, but it still celebrates the dishes of Indonesia in to-go containers
, November 17, 2011
Unless you're Indonesian or married to one, it's probably safe to assume you've never heard of gudeg, a dish of young jackfruit braised in... More >>
Portola Coffee Lab Is OC's Temple of Caffeine
[Hole In the Wall] This Costa Mesa coffeehouse can convert anyone into the cult of coffee
, November 17, 2011
I'm not a coffee cultist, save for the sugary Cuban mule-kick to the soul known as a cafecito. But even I had to make a pilgrimage to Portola... More >>
Itriya Cafe Shows Ssam Like It Hot Itriya Cafe Shows Ssam Like It Hot
An ex-Cheesecake Factory executive sells Italian and Korean food under one roof in Irvine
, November 10, 2011
If Kogi can make a fortune pairing kimchi and tortillas, why not spaghetti and ssam? Howard Gordon, an ex-Cheesecake Factory vice president and... More >>
Taco Maria Signals El Return of El Native
[Hole In the Wall] Carlos Salgado stuns Orange County with his wholly Mexican luxe lonchera
, November 10, 2011
After sleeping under the proverbial cactus for far too long, Mexican-Americans in Orange County are finally entering the luxe lonchera game their... More >>
Jollibee in Anaheim Is the Reason for the Season Jollibee in Anaheim Is the Reason for the Season
What to eat and expect at the Filipino fast-food giant's first OC store
, November 03, 2011
Social scientists and business students needn't look further than the Filipino fast-food giant Jollibee to see what our culture has wrought on... More >>
Pizza D'Oro Is the Golden Pizza
[Hole In the Wall] Classic Italian-American cuisine and a really, really big slice o' pie
, November 03, 2011
Mark your calendars for Nov. 10, gentle readers: That's when the Weekly teams up with KCRW-FM 89.9's Good Food With Evan Kleiman to present our... More >>
Mozza Offers Pizza By Batali Mozza Offers Pizza By Batali
Mario Batali and Nancy Silverton's long-awaited Newport Beach outpost of their pizza hut finally opens
, October 27, 2011
There hasn't been anything more hotly anticipated around these parts than Mozza, Mario Batali and Nancy Silverton's Newport Beach outpost of... More >>
Tacos y Carnitas Sahuayo Offer Nose-to-Tail Tacos
[Hole In the Wall] This Santa Ana taqueria seems normal—but go with the naughty bits
, October 27, 2011
The tacos and carnitas at Tacos y Carnitas Sahuayo in Santa Ana are fine at best, and mostly inconsistent—if you go with the tried and true. The... More >>
Tavern On 2 Shows Who's On Second Tavern On 2 Shows Who's On Second
This Belmont Shores gem is a gastropub's gastropub
, October 20, 2011
I refuse to believe reports that Tavern On 2 is the first and only gastropub on Belmont Shore. Surely, in such a densely packed urban quarter as... More >>
Midan Al Tahrir Rocks the Khaleeji
[Hole In the Wall] Maybe the Reg will get around to reviewing this Little Arabia gem in 10 years or so
, October 20, 2011
A couple of weeks ago, The Orange County Register published a review of Sahara Falafel, an Anaheim Middle Eastern restaurant we reviewed a decade... More >>
[BEST OF 2011: GAME ON!] Owner of Break of Dawn
, October 13, 2011
Ask former Ritz-Carlton chef and Break of Dawn owner Dee Nguyen what he considers the best meal he's ever had, and he'll tell you it was a bowl... More >>
Start Spreading the News About Broadway Start Spreading the News About Broadway
Amar Santana's new restaurant in Laguna Beach would make Charlie Palmer proud
, October 13, 2011
Charlie Palmer lost a good chef in Amar Santana, but to know the guy's upward career path is to have anticipated his inevitable departure.... More >>
East Coast Deli's Mucho Mangia
[Hole In the Wall] Dive into a Mexican-Italian mash-up that's gloriously OC
, October 13, 2011
So it's come to this in Orange County: a Latino serving New York Italian food to another Mexican while talking about Volkswagen Bus memories in... More >>
Red Table Makes a Good Egg Red Table Makes a Good Egg
Chef Louie Jocson's Huntington Harbour restaurant is intensely personal and intensely good
, October 06, 2011
I anticipated the deviled eggs at Red Table would be good, as all deviled eggs inherently are, but not that good. Chef/owner Louie Jocson calls... More >>
Greek Islands Cuisine: The Moussaka Mothership
[Hole In the Wall] This Irvine food-court fixture does both Hellenic standards and specials right
, October 06, 2011
This terrible economy is unsurprisingly wreaking havoc on our restaurant scene, claiming victims almost weekly. One of its lucky survivors is... More >>
For Luigi's D'Italia, Does Gordon Ramsay Know Best? For Luigi's D'Italia, Does Gordon Ramsay Know Best?
The Anaheim restaurant was tapped for FOX's 'Kitchen Nightmares.' Is the food now dreamy?
, September 29, 2011
If you haven't already heard, Gordon Ramsay and his restaurant-makeover show, Kitchen Nightmares, did an intervention on Anaheim's venerable... More >>
Sushi Box Is Teriyaki-rific
[Hole In the Wall] Elevating the placing of grilled meat on top of rice to an art form
, September 29, 2011
Sushi Box usually gets lost in the galaxy of Japanese restaurants in Costa Mesa around the intersection of Bristol and Baker streets—no college... More >>
2nd Floor Is Surf City Gothic 2nd Floor Is Surf City Gothic
Go to this downtown Huntington Beach hangout for its booze and kooky art, not so much the food
, September 22, 2011
To get an idea of what to expect at 2nd Floor in downtown Huntington Beach, imagine Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas spliced with an... More >>
Sutha Thai Kitchen's Salad Days
[Hole In the Wall] This Tustin Thai restaurant, while delicious, wants to offer more
, September 22, 2011
In the Orange County Thai-dining world, regional specialists such as Bangkok Taste and Thai Nakorn battle for dominance over their for-the-masses... More >>
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