Review Pile Up on Il Dolce in Costa Mesa

Review Pile Up on Il Dolce in Costa Mesa
Jennie Warren

Both the L.A. Times' S. Irene Virbila and the O.C. Register's Jeff Overley reviewed Il Dolce in Costa Mesa yesterday. If you count my own review a few weeks ago, this recent critic pile up has turned into a perfect storm of attention for this little Italian/Argentinean pizzeria that could.

And it looks like the forecast for the place is mostly sunny. For sure, it will be much more difficult to get a seat there now. The place is tiny.

But since I've got this storm metaphor going, if there was a butterfly on this classic case of the butterfly effect, it would be our tipster and buddy Craig Medici, who first snapped the first pics of the place as it was getting ready to open and told us of its goodness, which I posted on this very blog.

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