Restaurant That Served E. Coli and Was Protected by OC Health Care Agency Finally Named

Back in August, I did a story about a curious case involving a restaurant in Orange County that served food contaminated with E. Coli, and how the OC Health Care Agency refused to name the restaurant. The story was first broken by the online news agency Food Safety News, who promptly engaged in a six-month battle with the government body to get them to reveal the name of the offending restaurant.

Finally, it can be named.

The place? Curry House in Cypress.

Contaminated food happen to the best of restaurants--the three times I've gotten food poisonings in my thousands of meals in OC during the past decade all happened at places where dinner for two sans drink exceeded $80--so I don't hold it against Curry House TOO much. But the question remains: why did it take the HCA so long to name the culprit? And why are they just naming them now, months after other potential victims could've been identified?

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