Restaurant Roll Call for March 2014

March's big new opening was just like it was last month: it involved donuts. And both debuted in Fountain Valley, which seems to have some sort of monopoly on hype-driven donut concepts. Donut Bar which opened officially this past weekend doesn't stuff their donuts with ice cream like Afters, but it sure didn't stop people from obsessing over it.

So yeah, donuts seemed to be what y'all cared about in the past month. But we did write about other restaurants and eateries that opened, and closed. Here's our monthly roundup of open and shut cases.


Dami Sushi & Izakaya, Buena Park Donut Bar, Fountain Valley Santa Ana Farmers Market, Santa Ana Li's, Irvine Fireside, Costa Mesa Creations Pizza, Tustin Fusion Bites, Fountain Valley The Dessert Lab, Newport Beach Costa Mesa 55 Tavern & Bowl, Costa Mesa Yushoken Ramen, Irvine Eureka, Huntington Beach

RESTAURANT/VENUES CLOSED IN MARCH: Koko's Cafe, Irvine Pascal Epicerie, Newport Beach

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