Restaurant Roll Call for June 2015

Why yes, I will have some whipped cream.
Why yes, I will have some whipped cream.

June is gone. And there goes half of 2015. But, my oh my, was that a busy month for new restaurants. We saw and wrote about a dozen new restaurants opening, including a UK-based milkshake shop shaking up HB, Mitsuwa Costa Mesa finally getting a beer bar, and a new breakfast joint hatching up in Downtown Fullerton. What will this new month and the rest of the year bring?

In the meantime, here's our monthly roundup of open-and-shut cases we wrote about in this thing we call a food blog.

RESTAURANT/VENUES OPENED IN JUNE: Grits, Fullerton Pom & Olive, Costa Mesa Padre, Long Beach Cream, Irvine Spectrum Baos Hog, Garden Grove Mendocino Farms, Irvine Hikari Poki Bar, Lake Forest Porthole Chip Shop, Newport Beach Shakeaway, Huntington Beach New Japan Beer Co., Costa Mesa OPM Restaurant & Lounge, Huntington Beach Piadina, Tustin


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