Fourth Street Market opens Feb. 16.
Fourth Street Market opens Feb. 16.
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Restaurant Roll Call for February 2015

The big opening news this last month was Fourth Street Market, which, if we counted all the places that opened within it, accounts for twice as many openings as I'm about to list here. Last month also saw the opening of two new poke joints and the anticipated debut of Wursthaus in Santa Ana, a city that's now officially filled to the brim with new eateries.

What follows is our monthly roll call of open-and-shut cases we wrote about in the past thirty days on this thing we call a food blog.

RESTAURANT/VENUES OPENED IN FEBRUARY: S.T. Noodle Bar, Long Beach Bronx Sandwich Company, Tustin Pie Dog, Fullerton Wursthaus, Santa Ana Vegan Nirvana, Huntington Beach Slapfish, Newport Beach Oh Oui! Pâtisserie, Garden Grove Poke District, Orange Pokistation, Irvine Fouth Street Market, Santa Ana


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