Restaurant Roll Call for April 2014

Anne Marie Panoringan

We had a few notable openings this past month, but not that much. The Winery opened #2 in Newport Beach where Villa Nova used to be. And the county welcomed its second Malaysian restaurant in Old Malaya Grill, which is decidedly not so old.

But the good news is that there weren't many closures to talk about, and of those that did shutter, barely anybody noticed.

Here's our monthly rundown.

RESTAURANT/VENUES OPENED IN APRIL: Old Malaya Grill, Huntington Beach Bondi House, Huntington Beach The Winery, Newport Beach Pier 76 Fish Grill, Long Beach El Amerikano, Fullerton

Upcoming Events

RESTAURANT/VENUES CLOSED IN APRIL: Pier 76 Fish Grill, Long Beach Crispa Crepes, Irvine

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