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Just like Mami makes it
Photo by The Mexican

Eat This Now: Chiles Rellenos en Caldo at Restaurant Mary

All summer, the big meme for millennial Mexicans on both sides of the border has been to complain about mamis serving them caldos (hot soups) during the summer, which only shows how stupid they are. The rest of the world knows that a boiling bowl of potage cools down bodies far better than a cold beer. But since when have Mexicans cared about facts and food? We eat lead-laced candies, for chrissakes.

So to fight the fresas, order the chiles relllenos en caldo at Restaurant Mary, one of the most criminally unappreciated Mexican restaurants in OC. All it is: potato soup with carrots, boiled onions, and a garlic clove—it would play great in County Kerry. But this is the soup that Mexican moms prepare when they make chiles rellenos, and Restaurant Mary’s version are straight from home: fleshy, cheesy, a tad spicy, and with just the slightest coat of batter that melts right into the soup. It’s the best non- pozole/birria/menudo Mexican soup in la naranja, and there’s more for you since stupid Mexican millennials ain’t eating it right now. And we wonder why enough of us don’t go to college...

Restaurant Mary, 1819 S. Main St., Santa Ana, (714) 547-1744


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