Restaurant Closures During September--More Than In Previous Months

Following a period in which the number of closures was down, they've now increased again. September saw five OC places shut up shop for good. They were:

Wienerschnitzel, Mission Viejo

Japonaise Bakery, Tustin (for Edwin's full report, CLICK HERE)

Contodo Mexican Grill, Orange

Vessia Ristorante, Irvine

Yum Yum Donuts, Costa Mesa

Reports out this week also say that consumer confidence is down, just when things were beginning to look up. And eating at the Melting Pot last night--I don't want to say which one--the (overworked) waitress spilled the beans on customer numbers, saying they'd dropped so much in recent months that the team of evening staff has now been cut in half.

All I can say is: Fingers crossed for the upcoming holiday season(s).


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