Researchers: To Boost Metabolism, Eat Spicier Food

Researchers: To Boost Metabolism, Eat Spicier Food

You might do better to eat an Indian curry today than you would those chicken nuggets...and not for the obvious reasons.

Researchers at Penn State have reported in the Journal of Nutrition that including turmeric, cinnamon, rosemary, oregano, garlic powder, and paprika to meals may reduce postprandial insulin and triglyceride levels.

In an experiment, they gave six overweight men, who were otherwise healthy, a bland meal. Then, a week later they fed the same men the same exact meal except amped up with spices. Test results taken after both meals showed the reduced levels in the men when they ate the spicier food.

But before you go out and gorge on chicken tikka masala tonight, the study still has a ways to go. The limited sample size is far from conclusive and the researchers add that they'll need to look at individual spices to determine its individual effects.

Mmmm...chicken tikka masala.

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