Renzo's Taste of Peru Closes :-(
Photo by Kevin Lara

Renzo's Taste of Peru Closes :-(

Renzo's Taste of Peru, the unlike source of great ceviche in Irvine, has closed.

In a Facebook update posted Tuesday, owner Renzo Macchiavello wrote:

Today was our last day of Bussines.I am proud of this litte place and the people and all of your support .....thanks so much for your comments and love .....Renzo --

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Responding to his comments, Macchiavello said, " I love you guys I will miss too very much I am okay but sad, this business is a hard , but I loved ..only god knows what next for me but I am very extited about future this page will be updated to keep you posted but most importand to me in my heart !!!"

The restaurant, which I described as "attached like a vestigial limb to the same building [as a food court but not in the food court] and under a sign that only says, "Cafe," Renzo's A Taste of Peru has developed something of a cult following on the Internet, a blooming of review love by bloggers and commentators the likes of which hasn't been seen in the city since Harry's Deli and the Lime Truck."

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