Recipe of the Week: Bacon TacosEXPAND

Recipe of the Week: Bacon Tacos

I first experienced the wonders of the bacon taco thanks to the fine folks at the BACON MANia truck. They offer a fine array of bacon-infused Mexican dishes, but the bacon taco is their best dish. I recently paid homage to the taco, and whipped up a modified version of my own. Check out how to bring your taco to the next bacon level after the jump. Enjoy!

BACON TACO (makes four)

1/2 lbs of thick-cut, pan-fried bacon
2 cups of bagged coleslaw mix
4 corn tortillas (store-bought handmade recommended)
1 cup guacamole
1 cup mango salsa
½ cup chopped white onions
taco seasoning (if desired)
hot sauce (if desired)

Before frying the bacon, season the raw bacon with taco seasoning (optional). Once the bacon is cooked, crumble into small pieces. Warm the tortillas on the stove. Place bacon bits in the tortillas. Add coleslaw mix and chopped onions. Top with guacamole, salsa and hot sauce as desired.

The Baco.
The Baco.
Flickr user CrazyUncleJoe-MoFo

And for the truly adventurous: screw the tortilla and wrap that bad boy in an all-bacon taco shell. The "baco," as it is aptly named, was first brought to my attention by SnarkyBytes. It is a deliciously simple process: form a four-by-four square weave of bacon and place it over a taco-shaped mold (they recommend shaped tin foil over small Pyrex bowls.) Place it in the oven heated to 400 degrees until browned and crispy. Enjoy!

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