Real-Life Fruit Ninja Parody Goes Viral on YouTube

Real-Life Fruit Ninja Parody Goes Viral on YouTube

Letterman knew it. The makers of the popular game Fruit Ninja knew it. So did the geniuses who decided to make a YouTube parody of the latter: people like watching the destruction of watermelon and other produce that go splat. 

The parody of the video game uploaded last week is, of course, going viral as we speak reaching upwards of a million views in a little as six days. It's not even the first Fruit Ninja parody, but somehow this one resonates with it's simple formula: take a guy with a samurai sword, throw fruit at him and watch him slice them in half in slow motion. When he misses, make sure some fruit hits him right in the kisser. Gallagher ain't got nothing on this. 

Watch it below:
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