Photo by Kevin Lara
Photo by Kevin Lara

Rathskeller Pub in Huntington Beach's Old World Village Closing After 35 Years :-(

Oh, the Rathskeller Pub in Old World Village in Huntington Beach: home to steins and lasses, and THE place in OC for your Oktoberfest needs. The place to retire after another day at the dachshund races. It has served OC's fraüleins and führers well since 1978.

And, as of the end of this month, it'll be gone.

"OWNER SOLD BUILDING ,WANTS US OUT," reads the message on its Facebook page (caps are the bar's). "THEY WILL NOT EXTEND LEASE."

The last day of operation there is March 31, and the family who runs it wants to reopen somewhere else. So go grab a stein or 80, and give the Rathskeller some love while you can. And let's hope it opens somewhere else soon. . . .

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