Question: What Does a Crosby Owner Have Against Downtown Santa Ana Mexican Restaurants?

Question: What Does a Crosby Owner Have Against Downtown Santa Ana Mexican Restaurants?

Answer: It gives him the runs.

At least that's what can be surmised from the latest issue of Giant Robot, the excellent magazine of all things Asian and Asian-American co-created by OC native Martin Wong. In it, he interviews Chris Alfaro, one of the three guys behind The Crosby, the downtown SanTana hipster hangout whose food is hit-and-miss but whose drunk gals are legion. They talk about Alfaro's love of Del Taco, itself a sin but one that I have no right casting stones at because I think Jack-n-the-Box tacos are manna from heaven. Wong isn't as forgiving. "I walked by four or five taquerías on the way [to the Crosby] here, and you patronize Del Taco," he asks Alfaro. "Those taquerías are amazing, but you get the ring of fire the next day," Alfaro replies.

Ah, Mexican food and diarrhea. Montezuma's Revenge. The butt of so many jokes. Always an cheap laugh. Did you really have to go there, Chris? I've eaten at all of downtown SanTana's Mexican joints, and while they're not exactly the best in town (especially since the lamented departure of El Pollo de Oro), they're not going to mess with your digestive tract, whether you're Mexican, Filipino, or otherwise. Also, how can you call a restaurant "amazing" and, in the same breath, diss them with this easiest, most-slanderous of slurs? Great way to promote Downtown solidarity!

Final point of order to both Alfaro and Wong: there is only one true taquería in downtown SanTana, and that's Taqueria Guadalajara; the other Mexican restaurants in the area might offer tacos, but they specialize in other dishes. It's like us Mexicans calling ustedes Asians chinos--muy bad.

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