Pumpkin Ale from TAPS Fish House & Brewery, Our Drink of the Week
Anne Marie Panoringan

Pumpkin Ale from TAPS Fish House & Brewery, Our Drink of the Week

Driving the 20-something miles to Brea can be a chore (especially with traffic), but for brunch we'll make the trek without question. For $36, you not only get upwards of 100 hot/cold and seafood options, but your choice of sparkling wine or house brews. This is how we came upon our seasonal pint.

While there are far too many pumpkin-tasting items for purchase at Trader Joes, TAPS' Pumpkin Ale is a multitasking glass of both dessert and liquid refreshment. And we've had our share of beach sunset-hued beer; this gets us salivating. It may have to do with the 100 pounds of fresh pumpkin included in each batch--
Although their spice rack is definitely working overtime with flavors of nutmeg, cinnamon, allspice and fresh ground clove. It deserves its own graham cracker crust just to savor the sweet balance. If that wasn't enough, mountains of brown sugar bury our hearty squash at the start of this three-week process. It's enough to drive anyone to drink.

More after-dinner libation than cool brunch pairing, we can't help the gluttony settling in. As with all things pumpkin-y, there's only a certain amount of low percentage ABV ale brewed for mortal consumption. The rest will need to get off their laurels and cruise up the 57 with a designated driver carpool buddy.

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