A Tasty Foie Gras Meatball I Ate Once From Chef Gary Robins
A Tasty Foie Gras Meatball I Ate Once From Chef Gary Robins
Javier Cabral

Protesters Say F-U to Foie Gras at Marche Moderne

This just in: The


coalition will protest directly in front of

Marche Moderne

at the third floor of the South Coast Plaza tomorrow, Friday, April 22 at 6:30 p.m. The protesters want to make people aware of the cruel practice that involves force feeding ducks to make the buttery French appetizer known as foie gras

According to the release:

Another restaurant in the mall, Hamamori, initially removed foie gras after being contacted by the coalition, then re-added it after being sent a packet of misleading materials from Hudson Valley Foie Gras, and then removed it again after the coalition refuted each of the points made by the producer. These points are detailed on the StopForceFeeding.com homepage.

I gave Marche Moderne a call and found out that they are fully aware of the protest. Actually, its their "tenth or eleventh one this year," according to Alyssa McDiarmid, the current general manager.  Other than that, she said she wan't allowed to give away any other information.

Also according to the release, "Cal. Health & Safety Code 25980 bans foie gras productoin and sale in California starting in 2012. Over 30 restaurants this year have removed the controversial item after being contacted by APRL."

Like any good journalist, I researched that safety code on California's official legislative information website, and found that the preceding statement doesn't necessarily mean its going to ban foie gras altogether in California. Instead, it's exerting legal pressure on farmers so they'll use more humane ways to acquire foie gras.

Will Marche Moderne give in to the offal pressures of the AgainstForceFeeding.com coalition? Stay tuned to find out!


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