It's just kind of awe inspiring
It's just kind of awe inspiring

Proof That Even Japan Doesn't Understand the Ramen Burger

I'll be the first to admit I don't understand the appeal of the ramen burger. I barely want to pick one up, much less eat one, so it's nice to know my bewilderment has some company.

Behold! Lotteria Japan's Taishoken Original Tsukemen Burger, proof that the country of Japan understands ramens burgers just as much as I do.

I kid of course. Lotteria actually sold a version of this burger last year, and Yakisoba-pan, Yakisoba noodles served in a roll have been pretty common for years. This burger's existence doesn't owe itself to the ramen burger, not even close.

The burger in question comes with a cup of concentrated ramen broth. You can get it in the pictured triple version or as a double or single. The triple version will set you back about $8. You can either eat the burger plain, dip it in the broth as if it were jus, or dilute the broth and throw the entire thing in (the bread is for thickening, I guess).

It's served cold and will be available later this month until sometime at the end of summer. Gotta find a way to keep cool, y'know?

In all honestly, this probably tastes pretty good, but it's liable to put you to sleep because the human body can only handle so many carbs at once.

But hey, if you have a race to run the next day, I think I've found your carbo load.

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