Porto's is coming!
Porto's is coming!

Porto's Bakery is Coming to Buena Park!

Rejoice, OC lovers of Porto's: your favorite Cuban-style bakery is coming to Buena Park! Soon there will be no need for traffic jam treks to its Glendale or Downey locations. The Buena Park City Council wisely and unanimously approved a purchase agreement last night to bring the popular panadería to Beach Boulevard.

Porto's will set up shop in the dead dirt plot that used to house the Golden State and Palm Inn motels. For those who belittle Buena Park and are unfamiliar with its surroundings, that's the fenced off area between Medieval Times and Pirate's Dinner Adventure!

The city has big expectations for the coup it scored including $15 million in annual sales. Porto's projects over 2 million visitors a year to its new location. Plans also include a late-night gelato and coffee shop. But forget about all that. The real excitement surrounds the potato balls, medianoche sandwiches, refugiados, and dulce de leche lattes to come!

How long before Porto's plants its flag in OC? The bakery is scheduled to open in the summer 2016. I know, I know...it can't come soon enough, but it's on its way!

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