Portola Wins Best Micro Roaster of the Year; Plans to Expand to Four New Locations

We've known about how awesome Portola is for awhile now (They won Best Coffee 2013. Also check out Michelle Woo's 2013 story, The Deans of Caffeine), and I'm glad to say they're getting some national recognition.

Not only were they tapped to host two national barista competitions earlier this year (as well as sending their wonderful Jon Paul Doerr to the US Barista Championship to be held in long Beach in February), but they've just won Roast Magazine's Best Micro Roaster of the Year.


Portola got nod for its company mission, sustainability, commitment to employees and their training, innovation, and, of course, quality of coffee.

Oh and the biggest news, they're planning to expand to four new locations next year.

No news on where exactly yet, but more good coffee is always a wonderful thing. More awarding winning coffee? Well, that's amazing.


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