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Poqet Donuts, Build-Your-Own-Donut Shop, Opens in Irvine

These days, eateries where you can build your own burrito, pizza, and poke bowls are at every corner.

Now taking cues from similar concepts in LA, Chicago and New York, a build-your-own donut shop called Poqet Donuts has opened in Irvine. Actually, the joint is a Donut Star franchise that switched to a build-your-own concept a few weeks ago. According to the Daily Pilot, they are still in soft-opening mode and haven't yet gotten the approval to change the sign.

But they are already offering green tea, red velvet, pumpkin, blueberry and butterscotch among other fancy-flavored donuts that you can then choose to top with nuts, sprinkles and all sorts of other ingredients you probably didn't think could go on a donut.

And if you're wondering, it's pronounced "Pocket".

17655 Harvard Ave., Suite B, Irvine

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