Popcorn Chicken Opens in Irvine

Mmm...Taiwanese night market food...on a stick.
Mmm...Taiwanese night market food...on a stick.

As we wrote about earlier this year, a restaurant specializing in the Taiwanese snack popcorn chicken was slated to open in Irvine. Last week, the restaurant opened, but it's not just popcorn chicken they're selling.

Judging by the Scantron sheets that serve as their menu and order tickets, Popcorn Chicken offers all manner of fried things one would normally see at Taiwanese night markets, including pork chops, calamari and fish. And if you want chicken, you can have all different parts of the bird--leg, skin, wing, butt, gizzard, heart, and cartilage--all of it to be speared on sticks and eaten.

Prices range from $1.75 to $4.75 per item.

Popcorn chicken is located at: 15333 Culver Dr #420, Irvine CA 92604.

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