Pop the Question with Pizza Hut's $10K Proposal

Pizza-loving guys, have you been struggling to find the right way to ask your pizza-loving gal to take her place next to you on the pizza-stained couch for the rest of your lives, amen? Your friends at Pizza Hut have come to the rescue with the $10,010 proposal package, which includes Pizza Hut's $10 Big Dinner Box, plus a ruby ring, limo ride, flowers, fireworks show, photographer and a videographer.

Capture that special moment when your bride-to-be answers the door in her sweatshirt and no makeup and just expecting to tip the pizza guy, when suddenly, she's caught like a deer in video camera lights, and you're at her side on bended knee.

All you need to do is come up with ten large, and mumble the phrase "will you marry me?"
You won't need to go ring-shopping, or plan anything because your friends at Pizza Hut have thought everything through for you. Wait, fireworks are illegal in Orange County? Well, dammit. Maybe they can hire some raver kids to do a glowstick show inside the limo for you instead. Anyway, if you're ordering this package, you're not the type to sweat the details, so just roll with it, ok?

Love it? Well, don't hesitate, because there's only room for ten lucky couples, and only through Valentine's Day.

[via Eater]

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