Pop Rock Watermelon Margarita at Baja Sharkeez in Newport, Our Drink of the Week!

Pop Rock Watermelon Margarita at Baja Sharkeez in Newport, Our Drink of the Week!
Photo by Erica Yu

Sharkeez is the Morton's of bros, a home away from home where rubber sharks, surfboards and glowing lanterns take the place of low lighting and Nelly and Biggie are the first-name only stars on the speakers, not Frank and Dino. On Sundays at the Newport branch, every cut-off tank and Dickies-clad resident on the Peninsula shows up for the Lakers game, leaving little standing room amidst the chaos of spilled beer and walls covered with flashing TV screens. It's a fascinating anthropological study Chagnon should've done his fieldwork here instead of concocting exaggerated tales about the Yanomami.

The Pop Rock Watermelon Margarita fits this place like an Affliction T-shirt: it's literally loud. The red concoction arrives in a large chalice rimmed with sugar and a pack of old-school watermelon-flavored Pop Rocks. Warning to the tidy: step back before pouring the sugar rush in. As soon the flavored bits of candy hit the liquid, a firecracker of margarita and Pop Rock splash into the air like mini-geysers. The spectacle is pretty fantastic, and the taste is drinkable watermelon Pop Rocks with an alcoholic twist. The triple sec and Espolon Blanco tequila blend seamlessly into the syrup, cranberry and lime juice, forming a wicked margarita with a streak of nostalgia. Pop Rocks and liquor? Borderline ingenious--and total bro.

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Baja Sharkeez

114 McFadden Place
Newport Beach, CA 92663



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