The poke from North Shore Poke Co.
The poke from North Shore Poke Co.
Mary Pastrana

Poke Etc. Opens in Long Beach

Hurray! Another poke shop just opened. A new Hawaiian joint called Poke Etc. debuted in Long Beach last week and this on the heels of North Shore Poke Company opening its second store in OC-close Cerritos.

Poke Etc., from what I can tell from its website, looks to be the most authentically Hawaiian poke joint yet. The poke is served out of refrigerated troughs and sold by the pound like the do in the island state. And apparently they do a version with coconut milk by request, which is more like Tahitian poisson cru.

Added to this, they offer a Kamaaina plate lunch with kalua, lau-lau and lomi salmon, along with Filipino dishes as pork gisantes and mongo (no, nothing to do with Blazing Saddles' most hilarious character).

It's actually Poke Etc.'s second location. The first is in Carson.

2292 Carson St., Long Beach, CA 90807, (562) 988-8488;

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