Placentia PD Declines to Oust Kogi Truck

Placentia PD Declines to Oust Kogi Truck

After a long Saturday spent trying to restore files to the in-laws' PC (incidentally, HP, there is a special place in Hell for you), I got home and decided I needed to get some fresh air. Since I like beer with my air, I headed up to Placentia to have a drink at the Bruery and discovered that the Kogi and Frysmith trucks were there as well.

It was quite the festive atmosphere, with people tailgating in the parking lot (I am not making this up) and a larger-than-average number of people inside the Tasting Room enjoying the usual range of beers on tap.

The police showed up just as I was about to leave. They asked a few questions, mostly to make sure people didn't have booze outside the licensed premises, moved a few people back into the room, and left. Perhaps it was because the trucks were parked in a lot on private property, or perhaps they just honestly had bigger fish to fry.

Not news, you say? I beg to differ; if you've been following the food truck fad, you know that generally when local police and food trucks are in the same vicinity, it goes badly for the food trucks; they're often forced to shut down and leave, leaving some to believe that the police are acting on behalf of bricks-and-mortar restaurant owners and their profit margins.

Well, I'm a big believer in giving credit where it's due. There were no shutdowns of the food trucks, no harassment, no criminalizing of kalbi or rajas fries, just maintaining order and making sure there wasn't a traffic nightmare, a parking knot or drunk-and-disorderly behavior.

Kudos to you, Placentia Police Department. Would that other departments would follow your lead.


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