Pizza Hut Introduces a Cheeseburger-Crusted Pizza

Pizza Hut Introduces a Cheeseburger-Crusted Pizza

Here we go again. Weeks after news of the hot dog-stuffed crust pizza, and after Michelle discovered more Pizza Hut mutant hybrid crusts in Asia, the chain that seems to have cornered the market on adulterating pizzas has announced it is releasing a cheeseburger and chicken fillet-crusted pizza in the Middle East.

There's really not much more to go from here is there. I think we've reached a critical mass of grossness with this one. I was on board with the hot dog crusted pizza, because, in a strange way, it made sense. For all intents, that pizza still looked like a pizza, except with a surprise at the end. 

This latest Franken-pizza doesn't seems like that at all. Instead it seems topped with gimmickry.

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