Pitfire Pizza To Open Pie Society, A Secret Late-Night Speakeasy

It never fails. The word "secret" always sends off a jolt of immediacy. Secret? What secret? WE NEED TO KNOW!  
What we discovered is this: Pitfire Pizza in Costa Mesa is opening a hidden speakeasy in the back of the restaurant at the end of May. It's called Pie Society and it'll have its own special entrance and food and drink menu. Pitfire co-founder and chef Paul Hibler tells us guests may need a password to enter the dark-walled, dimly-lit gathering space.  

"My vision for Pie Society is to be built in the tradition of a speakeasy, complete with interesting crafted cocktails by mixologist Steve Garcia, and food menu developed by myself and chef Jason Neroni from my other restaurant, Superba Snack Bar," Hibler says. "Pie Society will hold true to the Pitfire ethos; it will be reasonably priced and offer lots of value. It's going to be a place for Orange County residents to come late-night."

Can't wait to see what's in store. For now, you can check out Pitfire's regular-menu cocktails, including the Flaming P

Pitfire Pizza, 353 E 17th Street, Costa Mesa, (949) 313-6333; www.pitfirepizza.com

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