Pippa Middleton's Face and Arse Recreated By Crumpets

Pippa Middleton's Face and Arse Recreated By Crumpets

A restaurant in Gloucestershire, England surveyed 2,000 people what person they'd most like to have breakfast with. The answer came back resoundingly: Pippa Middleton, the most famous sister-in-law in the world.

So what did the restaurant do with this information? Well, it did what you nor I nor any other reasonable person would do: it commissioned a portrait of not just her face, but her now-famous backside, using about 15,000 crumpets as medium.

What's interesting here is that in the U.S. you are more likely to know what Pippa Middleton's butt looks like in a slinky white dress than you are likely to know what a crumpet is.

To educate us Yanks, the term "crumpet", by the way, is itself a double entendre: it refers to the breakfast pancake they used and also, it's British slang for "hot chick."

See the video of Her Crumpet-ness being made, after the jump.

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