'Pink Slime' Manufacturer Suspends Most of Its Production

'Pink Slime' Manufacturer Suspends Most of Its Production

The anti-slimers have won. Or, at least, they're winning.

Amid the public outcry over "pink slime," its maker, Beef Products Inc., has suspended operations at three out of four of its plants as it decides what to do next. A company spokesperson told the Associated Press that the business has taken a "substantial" financial hit ever since social media exploded with worry over the ammonia-treated filler and an online petition drew thousands of supporters who called for it to be pulled from school cafeterias. In the frenzy, Vons, Albertsons and Walmart all announced they would stop offering the beef.

While the slimers are down, they're not out--yet. Beef Products Inc. took out a full-page ad in the Wall Street Journal defending its product as 100-percent beef, and launched a website--BeefIsBeef.om--to help dispel myths about "lean beef trimmings." 

"Ammonium hydroxide is found in naturally all proteins we eat--plant or animal--and one of its roles is to prohibit bacteria from forming," a fact sheet states.

Though it hardly seems like a match against the anti-slime crusade. Jamie Oliver, the one largely responsible for making the issue public chatter in the first place, has launched a much snazzier website, StopPinkSlime.com, featuring "a startling ABC News investigation" over the slime, news clips from major publications and quotes from lawmakers denouncing the slime in school lunch programs.    

For now, it appears "pink slime" is getting burned.

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