It's coming for you.
It's coming for you.

Pillsbury Made Pizza Cake an Actual Thing

Do you remember that pizza cake that I thought was clone stamped into existence? You know, the one some small-to-medium-sized pizza chain thought would be cool to throw into a contest?

Well, Pillsbury has turned it into a real, actual thing that you can put into your mouth, and I have to be honest, I'm kind of afraid.

I mean, just look at that thing. Who would want to eat that (Ryan Cady, and many of you I'm sure).

If you're one of the many, you can find the recipe on Pillsbury's website, where it was published earlier this week. Spoiler alert: There's a lot of Pillsbury pizza dough and pre-baking involved, though surprisingly less than a pound of cheese. And in total only an hour and some total preparation time. That's pretty efficient for a life time of heart disease.

I'm not touching that recipe until the powers that be tell me I have to, but if any of you guys do, well, tell me how it turns out.

[An aside: Good job to whatever young marketing kid came up with that idea. Internet genius, that one.]

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