Our favorite: #4 (with chicken, but sausage works just as well)
Our favorite: #4 (with chicken, but sausage works just as well)
Anne Marie Panoringan

Pieology's Quest For World Domination: Six(!?) Locations In The Works

It's been over two years since we first checked out Pieology Pizzeria by Cal State Fullerton. Since then, a half dozen other joints opened up, all peddling their crust and toppings as supreme. How do we judge success? Earnings, Facebook followers, or maybe the difficulty in finding parking. Although the easiest indicator is size. Unless you're overly ambitious like Starbucks, growing in number means progress.

On a recent visit to Pieology location number two at Spectrum, we did a double-take, similar to when Bruxie slyly announced their impending move into Irvine. The flip side of their DIY menu listed not one, but SIX locations coming soon. What the frak?!

We rambled on last year about food and control issues, naming them as a place where diners can personalize their meal and have it baked in about five minutes (longer if you're stuck during lunch or dinner service). The study of kustom pizza is fleeing their orange curtain confines for the 909, 818 and 626.

A more detailed list can be found on their website. The city listing includes Thousand Oaks, Rancho Cucamonga, Lakewood, Northridge, Granada Hills and City of Industry. We don't know about the other locations, but Rancho is already congested at Foothill and the 15 with Victoria Gardens. We suppose another 10 minutes in gridlock won't matter.

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