Pie-Not Wants You to Win "A Better Brekkie" On Instagram

#abetterbrekkie than what most are having
#abetterbrekkie than what most are having
Anne Marie Panoringan

Are you up on your social-media skills? And (more important) do you like breakfast? If you can answer yes to both, then stick around for details on an easy-peasy contest.

Our friends at Pie-Not love my favorite meal of the day as much as I do, and they want to prove it. Starting today, snap a photo of what you're having for brekkie and upload it to Instagram -- be sure to label it with a hashtag of "abetterbrekkie"!

They'll select a winner every day for the next two weeks. Your prize: a free brekkie pie or quiche along with a flat white. For those of you confused, a flat white is Pie-Not barista talk for an Australian espresso that's like a latte but without foam. Not bad for a photo of your food.

What are you sitting there for? It's time to get cracking. Find me a piece of fruit, quick!

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