Photo of OC Weekly Food Critic Edwin Goei Finally Revealed!

After their cholesterol level, the secret a food critic most zealously guards is their identity. Everyone knows the stories of writers from big newspapers wearing wigs, making reservations under fake names or using company-issued credit cards under a pseudonym. We at the Weekly also value our anonymity, which is why we keep Lesley and Edwin pampered somewhere in the Caribbean, parachuting them into our fair county whenever we see fit. No one knows how they look with the exception of loved ones and a few lucky souls.

Well, that's all about to change. I met up with Edwin today at Alebrije's to give him the OC Press Club award we both won for our food issue last year. We ate tacos acorazados, which he'll no doubt review on his personal blog, Monster Munching, where he writes under the pseudonym Elmo Monster. Since the Press Club gave us only one award, I insisted he keep it with the condition we take a picture together. For your viewing pleasure, folks, a moron with King Edwin the Monster after the jump:

Looks just like he writes, que no?
Looks just like he writes, que no?


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