Photo by Charles Lam

PHOTO: Irvine Company Demolishes Lee's Sandwiches Building

Damn, we knew Lee's Sandwiches was on the out for homo-hating Chick-fil-A, but did they really need to tear down the entire building?

There's was some good stuff in there! The ceilings were high, the seating area was roomy and there was some pretty good kitchen space, but they just went and tore up everything. Look, you can still see the red, white and blue striping that used to go along the walls.

Demolition has been going on since at least Monday, when the picture above was taken.

What does this mean for the time it's going to take Chick-fil-A to open? Well, people knew Chipotle was coming to the University Town Center half a year ago, and it's still not open, and they didn't have to build an entirely new building.

This new location better be amazing enough to host some same-sex weddings, because if it's not, what's the point?

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